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We were told directly from A coach at a Mid-America Conference school that he first saw (player’s) Chris' highlight film on ScoutingOhio. He was one of the first coaches to contact Chris and make an offer. I think that offer played a big part in "getting the ball rolling" and securing for Chris more than a dozen offers from Division 1 schools. ScoutingOhio is definitely an important part of the process. 
(Tim Snook, father of player Chris Snook '09, Medina Highland High School) *West Virginia Commitment


ScoutingOhio.com is a resource for all coaches. The site gets student-athletes exposure to a multitude of college scouts and college coaches. One of our player’s videos was listed on the site and in a matter days he was rated as one of the top 100 recruits in Ohio. I believe that the exposure from ScoutingOhio was the main reason why our student received a full-ride at a Division I college. (Coach Nick Visigardi, Springfield Local High School)


Mark: I will gladly provide a testimonial. You guys are fantastic. Immediately after BJ's junior season, he had some college interest but not much. He was not even voted all-league for goodness sake. However, his coaches and I believed that he had major DI talent and just needed exposure. Once his highlight tape was put together, we sent it into ScoutingOhio.com, as well as numerous other services. Within a matter of 2 months, he (BJ Machen) had over 25 college scholarships to major DI schools. He is now a freshman LB at GTech and we believe he is destined for greatness both on and off the football field. This would not have happened without the exposure he was provided from (ScoutingOhio) services. 
Thanks Mark for all your help. 
(Ron Machen, father of player BJ Machen)  Georgia Tech Commitment


ScoutingOhio.com directly resulted in my son receiving his first scholarship offer.  The college recruiter evaluated his highlight film on ScoutingOhio.com, contacted our high school coach, made a high school visit and delivered the offer letter.

Thanks for all you do.
Russ Turner -  (Ryan Turner  - Lakota West  Eastern Illinois)


Scouting Ohio opened up tremendous avenues for Jake. 
(Jake Hochendoner’s) His story is somewhat unique in that his achievements in the classroom and on the football field streamlined and through Scouting Ohio the college scouts who recruited him were from prestigious academic schools. As a matter of fact the coach from Princeton saw his video on Scouting Ohio and recommended him to the college coach who he is currently playing for. It ended up being a perfect fit all the way around as Jake started as a freshman. Having a younger son Noah who plays football for Poland I recommend Scouting Ohio to everyone I come into contact with. Mark Porter and Scouting Ohio are first rate and a class act all the way around. 
Sincerely, Jeff Hochendoner

(Jeff Hochendoner, father of player Jake Hochendoner)


I think you guys and ladies do a great service to our area and State. I was At recruiting night yesterday  for Trumbull County and being the defensive Coordinator for Howland Varsity, the college coaches all said that they saw (so and so) on the ScoutingOhio web page… So it works and it is getting the job done. I was even surprised how many college coaches commented on the site. Thanks again, Eric Ungaro  Howland DC

(Eric Ungaro, defensive coordinator, Howland High School)


ScoutingOhio.com is the best recruiting tool on the web. They created a fantastic highlight tape for me that aided in me getting a scholarship to Miami (Oh). i really appreciate all they have done for me and hope they are able to continue their work for years to come!!
(Evan Klepec, player Boardman High School)
 Miam of Ohio Commitment


Coaching today's youth is a true challenge; I have found the best way to motivate players is to show them that you care. I am one of those caring coaches like most who go the extra mile to help my players and any other young man or lady I can. This has to be done with integrity, class, and respect. Mark Porter and his Staff at ScoutingOhio.com cares. (Scouting Ohio) His services has helped motivate my players to higher levels of play and has shown them what it takes to be one of the best in Ohio. Anytime you see a service covering a youth football camp in the middle of the summer and hours later exposes them to the state and across the country, you know he truly cares about the kids.

(Anthony Beano Watkins, Head Football Coach, Shaker Heights High School) 


Mr. Porter: Thanks a lot for all you and scoutingohio.com have done. I was contacted by numerous coaches who saw my film on scoutingohio.com.

Best regards, Central Michigan University commit Adam Schneid 

(Adam Schneid, player, Avon Lake high school) 


Scouting Ohio provides a great service to the state of Ohio. Scouting Ohio has helped many college coaches access our athlete’s highlights. We receive many phone calls from college coaches wanting more information about our players because they have viewed their highlights on Scoutingoh.com. Scouting Ohio has contributed to many of our players playing at the next level.

 Thanks for all you do!

(Aaron Hancock, Assistant Coach/DC, Wyoming High School, Cincinnati, OH)


Hi Mark, ScoutingOhio.com has helped numerous college coaches view my junior film as well as my contact information. Thanks, 
(Andrew Klindera, player, _Chagrin Falls high school)


Mark, Scouting Ohio has been a great tool for me as a coach who is responsible to get our kids looked at by college coaches. The service you offer is awesome. Thank you for all that you do to help our athletes.

(Josh Gallagan, Coach, Dublin Jerome High School)


I would like to let everyone know what a great help Scouting Ohio.com has been for the recruiting of my son Gannon. Many college coaches that I have talked to say that they look at (ScoutingOhio) your site on a daily basis to view film. It is not always easy for them to get a hold of film and your site makes it easy for them. I would recommend this for any family that wants there son to get noticed. Keep up the good work. Thanks
(Paul Hulea, coach, Poland High School)


ScoutingOhio gives players and coaches a great opportunity to get their film viewed by many college coaches and scouts. This is an easy and great service at no cost to these athletes and coaches. My son (Jeremy Ebert )surely benefited from this free service.
(Chip Ebert, CAA-AD, Hilliard Darby High School)


You (ScoutingOhio) provide a great service to the kids. I recommend to all my players to send their film to you. 
Mike Strahine, CSA-PrepStar


ScoutingOhio.com is the best. They (ScoutingOhio) does a great job. I just send the scoutingohio.com link of my players’ film to college coaches and don’t have to mess with dubbing tapes and burning DVDs. One of my D1s got 12 offers just off of a mass email that I sent out to coaches with the link to his film. 
(Mike Martin, Coach, Madison High School)


And ScoutingOhio.com helps out our kids tremendously. College coaches can get a lot of exposure from this website in a little amount of time. What these guys do is priceless. 
(Bill  Fishleigh, coach, Avon High School)

Mark: Just wanted to let you know that Danny (My son) gave his first video out last week to Michigan and they called and offered yesterday. So he is 1 for 1 with your video. Just wanted to thank you and your wife for all you have done, it is greatly appreciated.
(John McCarthy, father of player Danny McCarthy, ND)


 I am Scott Wetzel the head football coach at Big Walnut High School. You just put my son's video (Ethan Wetzel) on your web page. You listed him as a QB. However, he is being recruited as a FS/SS. I probably should have been more specific when I sent the tape. I did want to take a moment to thank you for putting this web site together. You (Scouting Ohio is) are doing a great service to the high school football players of Ohio. I get information every other day from people wanting to help players get recruited for a fee (some very large amounts). I believe 90% of these are money making scams. It is refreshing to have some quality folks looking out for Ohio football. Thanks Again,
(Scott Wetzel HFC, Big Walnut High School and father of player Ethan Wetzel)

Mark Porter and his staff at ScoutingOhio have given my players at both Rayen and East High the national attention that we would have never have received without them. Since their four year involvement, …we have had an average of four football players signed to football scholarships per season. Our program in indebted to Mr. Porter and his staff for their never-ending effort to promote all of Ohio’s football players! Thanks to all involved,

Brian Shaner, Head Coach, Youngstown East



I first met Mark at the Elite skills Camp in 2007.  I was very impressed with how much he really cares about the athletes.  The Scoutingohio.com web site is run by very talented individuals, and best of all it is free.  "Scoutingohio.com is a major reason that I have received over 30 inquiries from College Football Coaches thus far".  "Keep up the Great work that you do for the "Players" & not the "Pocket".

Mike Hanhauser - Perry  # 9 

High School Coach: 

Scoutingohio.com is at the top of its game! It allows our student-athletes to be recruited by colleges at all levels. This site is not just for the blue-chip athlete. More importantly it is for the player who wants to continue his playing days at the D-II, D-III and NAIA levels.

Mike Pavlansky - Canfield Head Coach 


ScoutingOhio does a great job of promoting our kids and high school football in general. Mark and Stephanie have made my life easier by having a central location for my players’ films to be viewed. When a coach calls me for film, I simply refer them to ScoutingOhio. The time that is saved is significant on both ends. I do not have to spend time copying game and highlight films, and the college coaches do not have to wait for the mail to view them. There are very few products that have made my life easier as a coach, but ScoutingOhio is definitely one of them.

Dan Reardon, Head Football Coach Ursuline High School


ScoutingOhio is simply the best recruiting service out there.  We have sent our films to as many services as we possibly can and this is the best. We have had colleges from Boston to Iowa to Minnesota that would normally not come to Ohio but they call about our players.  They say that they saw film of our players on ScoutingOhio.  This service has helped me and our players a ton with Division 1 schools to Division 3 schools and everyone in between.
DJ Ogilvie, Boardman, Ohio


I believe ScoutingOhio helped me far more than any other website I came across, and it was free!  While your film is on the website you are guaranteed to be seen by some of the top college programs around the country. I don't know if you could ask for much more out of a website. Thanks for your help, Mark.
Matt Thomas, North Royalton


Your site has been a great benefit. We have used the link in all our correspondence to colleges and have had some colleges we didn’t contact refer to seeing the highlight video. It is so competitive to get a scholarship that every advantage helps. The fact that it is free is unbelievable!  I have had friends from out of town say "I never got to see Ben play; I wish I could have been at a game". I refer them to the site and they call back and can’t believe that they can go to a site and see his highlights. Thanks for your help good luck with your update. My son is still in the hunt for a scholarship but we have some colleges interested thanks to your site.

Tom Schneider, Anvil-Star, 513-319-1682


The ScoutinghOhio website has been great for our football program. It has allowed us to showcase our student/athletes to many college football programs. It allows Division 2 and Division 3 colleges, who do not have the recruiting budget of the Division 1 programs, to see our kids. Mark, being a former Division 1 player, understands what college coaches are looking for in high school players. The site continues to showcase the great talent in the state of Ohio.  Thanks Mark!

Lance Reisland, Offensive Coordinator/D-line Coach, Garfield Heights High School



You were kind enough to help us edit some footage and to post Trevor Behmke's video highlights on ScoutingOhio.com after his junior season. You also provided us with your expert feedback about his potential as a D1A college football player which was greatly appreciated.

Many coaches and recruiting coordinators saw the film and contacted his high school coach immediately, and we were able to direct other programs to your site so they could see Trevor's video for themselves. Within weeks he was on the radar screen for dozens of top colleges. This proved to be very valuable exposure since he was injured that spring and thus unable to compete effectively at camps or combines, and in fact ultimately missed his entire senior season following an operation on his foot.

We are happy to report he chose to accept a scholarship to Miami University, and even though his foot has healed 100% the team decided to redshirt him during the 2008 season. Trevor is looking forward to getting on the field next year for The RedHawks and to helping the team get back to their winning tradition over the next four years.

We have no doubt that Scoutingohio.com was instrumental in his landing scholarship offers, and we'd like to thank you again for all your help and support during the recruiting process. Best of luck in the future. Keep up the great work! Sincerely,

Steve Behmke (Trevor Behmke - Miami of Ohio Commitment)


ScoutingOhio.com is one of the best on-line services in the country.  I am convinced that this website helped one of my players get the exposure he needed to earn a Division 1 scholarship to Michigan State University.  It is easy and fast and I will continue to push my players to put their highlights on this site.  I think every college that recruits Ohio should subscribe to ScoutingOhio.com.

Nick Ciulli, Head Football Coach, North Royalton High School



After viewing my highlight video on ScoutingOhio.com many College Football programs at all levels have contacted me for more information about my college interests. Your website is a great tool for High School players who are looking to play college football. Thank you!   
Sam Lempke, Lutheran West H.S.,   Rocky River, Ohio 



This letter is to thank you for the Scouting Ohio Scouting Service. This concept has helped many young athletes throughout the state. As a high school principal, former football coach, and the father of a division one football recruit, I can attest to the popularity of your site. Our students, parents, and community comment regularly about their visits to the site and the information that it generates. Many college coaches and internet users have commented to me that they saw my son’s video on Scouting Ohio and were very impressed with him and the site itself. I truly know that the exposure that my son received from Scouting Ohio enhanced his recruitment and assisted in securing him a division one scholarship. Thank you, Scouting Ohio and Mark Porter, for the tremendous service that you continue to provide for young athletes throughout the State of Ohio.

Gregg Pettit, Principal, Patrick Henry High School, Hamler, Ohio


I would like to thank Mark Porter and his staff at ScoutingOhio for all the work and information they have done and given to my wife and I and especially for my son. This is our first time through the recruiting process and without ScoutingOhio we don't know how we would have gotten through it, putting Ben's videos on the web site for colleges to see and sending videos out to colleges for nothing is so amazing, especially with all of the graduation cost coming up, getting all of this for nothing is a godsend! The biggest help we have received, however, is from Mark, himself, countless times I have e-mailed Mark with a question or concern and have gotten an immediate response. My wife has IM’ed Mark so many times we have lost count for information, suggestions and anything we needed concerning Ben. I think our biggest regret was this summer when we thought we were going to finally meet Mark at the Canfield- Lakeview scrimmage and found out he could not attend, we wanted to personally thank him for all he and Scouting has done for our son. So thank you, Mark, for ScoutingOhio and the way you have helped, not just Ben but hundreds of boys in their process of college recruitment. You are truly an amazing and caring person! With sincere gratitude…

Bob and Kathy Moody


I am hopeful that I am sending this to the correct person but if I am not I would appreciate it if you would pass this on or let me know who I should contact. That having been said I first wanted to let those responsible for Scouting Ohio.Com that my son Don Hanni V Class of 07 from Youngstown Ursuline is attending Norwich University in Northfield, Vermont.

Donnie is a Freshman and is starting at guard on the Varsity of this Division III School. Norwich is a member of the Empire Conference with other Teams like Alfred, St John Fisher (played Mt. Union in D-III playoffs last year) and Ithaca.

All of this has happened in large part thanks to Scouting Ohio. com and I wanted to thank those (at Scouting Ohio) that are responsible (for helping my son get recruited). I went to see him play last weekend in Vermont and after the game I spoke to Coach McIntyre who said he "needed" more kids from Ohio like Donnie.

I first met the Coach last year after he contacted Donnie after seeing him on your web site. I know that you(Scouting Ohio plays) play a major role in recruiting for the big schools but I believe as the word gets around the smaller schools like Norwich will come to depend on your service.

The Coaches of this Division III School located in Northfield, Vermont would have never been aware of Don had they not seen him on your web site. He is currently the only football player from Ohio on the Cadets roster but I know there will be more as they are already talking to two boys that they have seen on your recent grouping of Ohio ballplayers.

As a parent my first concern is the college degree my son will now be able to earn and the life experience he will gain by meeting, living, and competing with people from a different part of the country.

I know that Don was one of the first kids from Ursuline that was lucky enough to benefit from your help and if I could add one note it would be this. Schools in Ohio Division VI like Lowellville and Youngstown Christian probably need your help even more. College Scouts are drawn to Schools like Ursuline and Mooney while kids from these schools will never be seen and that is the way of the world but Scouting Ohio.Com might just be the answer for these kids.

Thanks again and please excuse my observation if it offends but I believe that kids like Dom Moore and Cody Winery from Lowellville and Triplette from Youngstown Christian could use the help as well.

(Don Hanni III, father of player Don Hanni V, Youngstown Ursulin High School ’07)


ScoutingOhio is a great tool for getting kids the exposure they need to pursue their dreams of playing college football. The thing I found amazing about the site is the way the staff at ScoutingOhio edited and put together a great highlight tape for my son. I could never thank them enough for doing what they do for the kids of Ohio. Keep up the great work.
                                                       Al Eggleston