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Members with GPA : 3.1

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    Injuries last offseason kept me from speed and weight training. Was only 5’9” 170lbs. I will be going into my Senior year at full strength and speed. At 6’0” and over 200lbs, I will have a balance of power and elite speed. I should be in the 4.4 range by season start. Currently at 4.59. Look for me to make an instant impact in 2021.
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    Bryce Baker

    Personal Statement

    My goals right as of now is to follow a university kinesiology course which combines my two favorite things sports, and medicine. Throughout my life I have participated in a verity of sports basketball, baseball, karate, and track but my primary focus is on football. In my spare time I also do 4H, winning best in show with my goat last year.

    I started playing for the Edison Wildcats at 6 years old, playing for them until my freshman year when I moved to Guernsey county and started playing for Buckeye Trail. I plan to work hard throughout the last of my high school time keeping my grades up. I plan to outwork on the field and in the classroom, while being the best teammate I can be.

    Hard work, dedication, and long practices have changed me into a more disciplined player and person. My coach Donnie Kerns taught me so much, but my biggest takeaway/life lesson was football is the ultimate team game. When we play as a team not a person, the sky is the limit.
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